Sunglasses are Essential Accessories for Visual Comfort - Here's Why

Sunglasses are Essential Accessories for Visual Comfort - Here's Why

Over the years, a decline in the use of sunglasses has been observed with many people associating them with poor health to becoming a symbol of celebrity. Although these might be true in some cases, most individuals are unaware of some of its uses and what benefits it offers to our eyes that are well exposed to sunlight during the better part of the day. Here are a few of its benefits you might have not known:

1. UV and Glare Protection

Sunglasses protect our eyes from harmful UV rays and glare by reducing the amount of blue light, glare, and UV rays that reach our eyes. They have different tints that reduce the amount of blue light and glare. Sunglasses also have polarized filters, scratch-resistant coatings, and anti-reflective coatings. They act as a barrier that reflects UV rays and protect our eyes from the sun’s harmful light rays. Experts recommend that your shades protect your eyes from at least 99% of UV rays. Blue blocking lenses are filters that protect the eyes from both the UV and the blue light that causes glare.

It is important to note that traditional sunglasses make things darker and many people with macular disease find this reduces their level of vision, making it harder to see steps or other hazards.

2. Improved Vision for Tasks

Driving? Sure, you are guaranteed of better vision in the bright sun rays.

3. Confidence

Yes, sunglasses give you that extra boost of confidence that you just might need for your everyday outside interactions with others. However, make sure you choose the right sunglasses to match your face. We have a full guide on what shape and type of sunnies that best suite you. To check that one out, click here.


Bonus tip: Sunglasses are quite helpful in hiding micro expressions especially eye movements hence giving you that extra stealth you may need or not.

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