Bronze Age - A Revolutionary Era for Belts

Bronze Age - A Revolutionary Era for Belts

Belts have a rich history in serving important roles in numerous civilizations and in some religious traditions over the years. From the Bronze Age to the present day, belts have evolved from a simple rope that supports clothes to a meaningful tool and accessory. In this blog post, we will explore a brief section of the rich history of belts throughout the ages but first let's take a brief look into the history of the Bronze Age

Bronze Age (3300BC - 1200BC) 

So, what is the Bronze Age? Definitely not a measure of how aged bronze metal is but a historic period between 3300 BC to 1200 BC when humans started to work with bronze for the first time. 

The earliest documentation of male belts goes all the way back to the Bronze Age. Since technological progress is not geographically congruent, these innovations were used in different regions at different times. In the beginning, belts were primarily utilitarian as a means of carrying tools or weapons.

  • The first use of belts was to tie a long tunic in the waist. Later on, belts drastically changed its purpose from a support to a meaningful tool and accessory.
  • It is believed that Ancient Sumerians in the Middle East may have been the first to invent belts. Unfortunately, there is no clear evidence as to why they invented belts or how they used them.
  • During the Middle Ages, women with a questionable reputation were prohibited from wearing belts and slaves wore beltless tunics. The military used belts to show their rank and to communicate to people that they must show some respect.
  • In the Renaissance, belts featured additional purposes for both women and men. Sacks and Sheaths were added to men’s belts; designed to carry weapons. Soldiers benefited from it the most since it became more useful to them especially on the battlefield where it was easier for them to pull out weapons. As for women, they didn't carry weapons in their belts. They used belts to hang things or accessories such as a mirror, cosmetics, purse, or any object they used daily.



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